Venom Defense TiTAN Flame Anodized Titanium 5.56 Muzzle Brake

$100.00 USD

Through extensive engineering and field testing, the Venom Defense TiTAN Titanium line of muzzle brakes work to redirect and disperse muzzle gasses in a way that effectively reduces, if not completely eliminates both muzzle rise and felt recoil.

Venom Defense has optimized their design to work on a broad range of applications. The significant reduction in muzzle climb and felt recoil allows for faster and more accurate follow up shots. Typical applications include competition shoot, recreational shooting, hunting, and personal defense.

Venom Defense & Design manufacture their muzzle devices in a broad range of materials achieving unique looks found nowhere else, along with exceptional durability and/or extremely reduced weight.

The Venom Defense is the lightest muzzle brake on the market at less than 1oz.