MKU Trolley Mounted Ballistic Shield

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In a recent scenario of suicidal attackers, ballistic shields have become standard equipment for law enforcement personnel, when approaching any potentially armed individual in a public area. These wheel-mounted ballistic shields from MKU are ergonomically designed to maximize usage experience for the end user.

Designed for enhanced coverage during anti-terrorism operations / counter insurgencies / riot control operations.

No drilling on shields ensures uniform ballistic protection.


  • Conveniently positioned, adequately sized view port to provide optimum visibility.
  • Rugged and sturdy, capable of withstanding all weather hazards.
  • Ballistic glass for clear vision and un-interrupted field sight.
  • Ambidextrous handles for shielding during assault or defense.
  • Padded rubber grips for comfortable handling and usage.
  • Abrasion resistant Neoprene rubber edges.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Appropriate gun-port can be cut as per requirement.
  • Ambidextrous handle with nylon neck and shoulder strap.
  • Available in flat or curved (750 R or 540 R) geometry. 
  • Can be customized as per requirements.
Description MSH-03 MSH-04 MSH-05

Protection Level

Level III

Level III +



7.62 X 51 mm (NATO BALL)

7.62 X 51 mm (NATO BALL)
7.62 X39 mm (AK 47MSC)

7.62 X 39 mm API BZ


60 X 100 cm

60 X 100 cm

60 X 100 cm








Ceramic Composite


18.5 Kg

19.5 Kg

36 Kg

View Port

25cm X 10cm

25cm X 10cm

25cm X 10cm

Tolerance: Weight ± 500g, Size ± 5mm