MKU HeliPilot Vest

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Helicopter pilots are at great risk when flying in combat zones transporting cargo or infantryman to forward lines or airlifting wounded soldiers from behind the enemy lines. Helipilot vest offers maximum ballistic protection to the pilots in these adverse situations offering unhindered freedom of movement in safety maneuvering the aircraft to and from combat zones.


  • Protection Areas: Front, Back & Sides
  • Available Colours: Blue, Olive Green , Black


    • Ergonomic design for operational flexibility  & movement
    • Reinforced stitched ends for stability
    • Dual external waist belt system
    • Double locks at shoulder point
    • Adjustable from sides and shoulder
    • Toughened pockets for front, back and side up-armouring
    • Mesh lining for better ventilation and quick sweat absorption
    • Pockets for Armour Plates protection upgrade