MKU Completar 360 Degree Vest

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World wide observation has shown that Law Enforcement Officers and Military Units engaged in operations are most likely to receive several injuries on vital parts of the body from rifle fire, especially at the groin & neck regions. COMPLETAR, from MKU, is designed to provide complete protection to a soldier's body. Its unique design provides protection against handgun ammunition in the torso region and protection against rifle fire to the vital organs of the body including the neck and groin regions.

COMPLETAR consists of curved Armour Plates for groin and front torso, a flat rectangular insert for the back torso & three dimensional inserts for the neck & collar, which do not restrict body movement and are easily detachable.


  • 360° Protection against Rifle Ammunition
  • Protection Areas: Front, Back, Sides, Neck, Throat & Groin
  • Available Colours: Camouflage, Olive Green


    • Side & Shoulder Adjustments
    • Detachable groin and neck attachments
    • Provision for side plates
    • 5 hard armour inserts to protect neck, throat, front, back and groin against rifle ammunition