MKU ACH-C1 LAV Crewmen Helmet

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Apt for military applications, Communication Helmets from MKU facilitate unhindered communication in noisy environment. These helmets protect the wearers from ear damage. The communication system attached to the helmets has optional ohm variants for microphones and headphones.

Communication helmets are available in Passive Acoustic Model and in Active Noise Reduction Model.

  • Standard ACH shape
  • Easy mountable kits (without doffing the helmet)
  • Made of advanced material
  • Connectors: Custom options available
  • Cord assembly: Available in Straight & Spiral options.
  • Electro Acoustics:
    • Microphone : Noise cancelling microphones fitted with adjustable boom (in different options)
    • Earpiece : Performance (efficiency, bandwidth, minimum distortion ) ensures excellent communication intelligibility.
    • Push to Talk : Compatible & available with Single & Double PTT switches.
  • Protection Level II, III A as per NIJ 0106.01
  • Two ear shells maintained by metallic neckband
  • Interchangeable hypoallergenic soft ear pads
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Optimized noise protection
  • Active noise reduction system (ANR) with Automatic Safety Device