M-81 Lightweight Mortar

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The M-81 is 81mm Light Weight Mortar, intended to engage enemy troops in open terrain, in trenches or behind light shelters at distances up to 6 200m. The mortar is easy to disassemble in light weight components suitable for carrying by 4 persons crew. The time to set the Mortar form Transport condition to combat condition is less than 30 min.

The Mortar is designed to fire 81mm High Explosive, Target Practice, Smoke and Illuminating Mortar Bombs used with 81mm Smoothbore Mortars Hirtenberger M8-122 and M8-211..


    • Caliber: 81 mm
    • Fire Rate (Rounds/Min):16
    • Elevation: 48 - 80 mils
    • Traverse: 6 mils
    • Traverse (On Base Plate):360 mils


    • Mortar
      • Barrel
      • Bipod and Base Plate
    • Optical Sight
    • Individual Set for spare parts and tools
    • Bag for 4 Mortar bombs