B6 Armour Plating for 2016 Ferrari 458 Italia

Please contact us directly to obtain a quote for this product.

Areios Defense is pleased to announce B6 Armour Plating for the 2016 Ferrari 458 Italia.

The client is expected to supply and transport the vehicle, otherwise vehicle can be purchased on behalf of the client for an additional cost.

This service is primarily meant for EMEA region clients.

Please contact us at sales@areiosdefense.com to arrange for this service.

  • FOB Dubai U.A.E
  • Ex-Factory
  • Delivery Time: 10 - 16 Weeks
    • 360° armoring on all doors' in between segments, and armor to prevent penetration of straight and angled shots inside the car.
    • Metal hinges - directly bolted to the ballistic steel and not on the car.
    • Sheet metal - with a minimum number of separate pieces and slabs of armor steel.
    • Reinforced A B C posts - durable hinges allow the weight of armored doors to lie on ballistic steel.
    • Glass Armoring- windshield, front and back door windows are replaced by 40mm special armored glass. The material consists of several layers of armored glass and polycarbonate from the inner side to prevent fragments from ballistic impact, as required by B6 standard.
    • The motor and battery are protected by B6 standards.
    • Roof - protects against shots at a 45-degree angle in accordance with B6 standards
    • Floor - armored to protect passengers from the simultaneous detonation of 2x German DM-51 hand grenades or equivalent to it in accordance with B6 standards.
    • Fuel tank - protected by B6 standards.
    • Run-flat tire system - allows the movement of the car on damaged tire - in all tires, including the spare tire, in accordance with the requirements of  NATO 50km @ 50 km/h.
    • Suspension - standard original suspension will be replaced by constructed system consisting of upgraded heavy shock absorbers, springs.
    • Wheels - replaced by strong special steel wheels with load index of up to 1500 kg.
    • The surface finish - made in accordance with the design of the car with the necessary changes.
    • First aid kit - fire extinguisher, warning triangle and anti-IED grid in the muffler.
    • Anti-corrosion - all steel is covered with anti-corrosive paint.