9P135M Fagot/Faktoria Anti-Tank Launcher

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Because of its weight, the 9P135M launcher is categorized as portable (21-40 kg) rather than man portable. For dismounted carry load is divided among three packs. Due to the greater weight, AT-5/-5B fits into the "heavy" class (40+ kg), and should only be carried short distances from vehicles (<500 meters). For crews using both ATGM classes and operating near vehicles, combat load is 8 (4 stowed in the vehicle). Filters can be mounted in front of reticles.

  • Overall Length (in Firing Position At-4/5 Tube): 1.1/1.3 mm
  • Diameter: 120 mm
  • Crew: 3
  • Launch Method: Tube
  • Susceptible To Countermeasures: EO Jammers, Smoke, Counterfire
  • Counter-Countermeasures: EO Jamming Alarm
  • Launch Rate: 40576 m
  • Weight Of Weapon: 22.5 kg