9M14M Malyutka Anti-Tank Launcher

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The 9M14M launcher is classed by weight as portable (21-40 kg), rather than man portable (<21 kg). The launcher is also a missile carry case. The guidance panel can be located up to 15 meters from the launcher, and can control up to four launchers.

If target is <1,000 meters from launcher, the operator can use the manual joystick to guide the missile to the target without the use of optics.

  • Overall Length (with AT-3/A/B/C): 0.86 mm
  • Overall Length (with MALYUTKA-2): 1.02 mm
  • Diameter: 125 mm
  • Elevation: fixed for launcher (mils)
  • Launch Rate: 2 m
  • Emplacement Time (polk Set): 1.7m
  • Weight Of Weapon (launcher + guidance): 30.5 kg