7.62x51mm NATO

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Caliber7.62x51 NATO 

Bullet Weight: 175 gr M118 and/or 147 gr M80 FMJ 

Bullet Style: Boat Tail 


Muzzle Velocity: 2650 fps minimum – 2730 fps average – 147 gr 

2500 fps minimum – 2580 fps average – 175 gr 

Waterproofing: Primer and neck sealed (Sealant 76084) 

Acceptance standards:SAAMI, CIP, STANAG 2310 

Export approval time: 30 days 

Manufacturing time: 1M+ per month 

Packaging: Vacuum sealed bulk packaged in M2A1 ammo cans, palletized per logistic requirements 

Terms: 100% with contract on order up to 2M pieces.  50% with contract and 50% at shipment on orders over 2M pieces.